Friday, February 26, 2010

New Look Sleepwewar - 6859

I bought this pattern for the capri pants. It also includes full length pants in three styles and shorts.

This was a really good pattern. The only part that I got hung up on was the pockets. This was just due to my inexperience, having not sewn pockets like these before. Once I figured it out, the rest was smooth sailing.

I really liked the way the waist was done on these. Slightly different from the other pj pants I have sewn. The elastic is put through the casing via a small slit opening and the button hole opening is fore the decorative ribbon tie.

I have sewn this once and have the material ready to be cut for a second pair.

The picture isn't very clear because my camera is broken so I had to use my cell phone camera.


Both my aunt and my mom have now been given their bday capri lounge pants so I have added a pic of them modeling them:

So, then I decided it was time to sew myself something! Using the same New Look 6859 pattern I decided to sew View A - the full length pant. Yet another new pocket style with these pants. This was my first sewing of a "yoke", which was also a part of the front pockets. I really liked how these came together and the fit is great. I left them long for my height because I hate a short pj pant and since they are flannel the potential for shrinkage is there (although I did preshrink fabric). I sewed a medium based on the pattern measurements and they are a bit on the large size, but for pj's I don't mind at all.

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